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An unconventional façade for a conventional business-Global Sales

An unconventional façade for a conventional business-Global Sales November 1, 2018Leave a comment
Global sales

We love covering things that deviate from the ordinary. Be it Food, Fashion, Lifestyle or Spaces. We recently came across this new office building of Global Sales at Udhana Magdalla Road, which has a bright Blue Façade with futuristic accents in midst of the conventional showroom spaces. Global Sales is a trader of electrical goods in Surat since a decade and it is quite astonishing to see someone in a routine business adapt something not very mundane. The organization is a family owned business that has the fervor of young generation as well as the lucidity of the older generation. The entire building including the interiors and the exteriors reflect a well balanced approach of their operations and the vision. This project is the work of architects, Hiral Patel And Umang Mittal from We Make Spaces. According to the founders, in order to reflect on your company’s values and vision, it is a smart marketing expense which helps create brand and brand awareness. An “Attention-seeking Façade” as they call it, offers a pleasing view to the passerby. Here is the excerpt from our interview with Global Sales’ founders-Harsh Saraf and Ankit Mittal

What was your vision behind the new facade of the building?

The vision is to have a dynamic face to the business, one that would explain itself about the operations carried out by the company. 

What is the significance of using such bright colors? Between your architect ‘s vision and your vision, how did you manage to strike a balance?

Actually using bright colors was the architect’s vision and also a solution to our requirement of an attention-seeking facade. He explained how it will break the monotonous way in which the conventional commercial buildings are made, like the others in the lane. Also using a color like ours, radiates freshness & positivity.

The outlook of the new generation and their inputs?

The inputs are quite easily visible, we had the space up and running in just 40 days, so having a practical approach throughout the execution resulted in delivery on time and in budget. We had given a brief of the working space, display area and the warehousing. They reorganized it in such a way that it is put out as a working studio with ease of communication and our daily operations have become quite simple and easy.

Do you think the design of a building impacts its overall vibe and culture?

Yes definitely. The design of the building, the blend of vibrant colors, the elevation setup and along with it the internal setup, all create a synergized positive environment for the employees as well as the customers walking in. We hear from our customers that they feel very fresh and expect something new and vibrant once they enter the premises. So, the design has become a huge advantage for us in creating a positive ambience overall. 

What’s your favorite part of the whole design? Utility and design wise?

My most favorite part of the whole structure is the design of the internal office, the way the office and showroom has been setup with both complementing each other and neither making any hindrance in the other. More than the design, the utility has been of prime importance as both the admin and sales team can now work in a coordinated manner and carry out their operations effectively.

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