Nefelibata is about people who have walked upon the paths of their dreams. Often we find ourselves at crossroads having to choose between our passions and the conventional wisdom; Nefelibata is about the individuals who chose their passions, stood the test of time and created a unique space for themselves successfully.

The year 2016 saw us covering people who had followed their passions and made their lives worth, whilst 2017’s theme was young entrepreneurs. Surat’s heart lies in innovation, trade and driving the economy forward and our this year’s theme is a tribute to this very spirit. As one generation gives way to the other, new ideas are absorbed into the already established system, evolving it and pushing it forward towards further growth. As a city that has traditionally kept businesses and industries under control of founding families, a new generation brings in a fresh breath of air and a new approach towards working towards its objectives and mission statements. This fresh breath of air is what drives our this year’s theme. Nefelibata 2018 is about the young blood taking over the reins of businesses, and infusing it with new life, hope and aspirations.
Nefelibata 2018 is a new dawn.