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Golden Cow | A Premium Dairy Company offering Farm-Fresh A2 Milk

Golden Cow | A Premium Dairy Company offering Farm-Fresh A2 Milk October 18, 2018Leave a comment
golden cow

There is no denial to the fact that adulteration poses many health hazards including terminal diseases and weak immune system to fight them. At the present day, the food is no longer safe and the health of a lot of people is at stake. In the light of this issue, bankers duo – Ramdatt Shukla’s and Sushit Nandi’s Golden Cow comes as a boon. It is a line of Dairy Products from their venture Krishi Mantra that promises to serve people with farm-fresh milk products in its purest and most natural form. Here’s their journey of blessing people with good health.

The Beginning:

Despite being well-settled in their respective careers at the corporate, when the duo realized how cardiac conditions, cancer, diabetes, abnormal blood pressure, gastrointestinal diseases, kidney problems and poor digestive system can be directly correlated to adulteration, they decided to take action. Golden Cow was conceived with the idea of providing unadulterated and farm fresh milk to the community. Ramdatt and Sushit co-founded the brand to nurture the health of the society as a whole and built it on the pillars of honesty, integrity, and trust.

Their inspiration stemmed from the struggle of the families to stay healthy and fit, utterly unaware that the food they consume holds the seed of their problems. They felt that the present day state of the industry is alarming with the milk adulteration and compromised dairy products is at its peak. Their sense of social responsibility inspired them to create a brand that could be synonymous to purity and trust. They wanted to bring the community near to nature by serving them pure and farm fresh natural milk daily.

The Golden Milk:

People across the globe are now switching to a healthier lifestyle and incorporating Cow Milk with A2 protein in their meals. A2 protein in the milk can be produced by desi cows of purely Indian origin. It offers amazing health benefits to the people of all age groups, thus rendering well-being to an entire family. Supplementing more than 25 essential minerals and vitamins, B12 & omega 6 fatty acids, A2 milk strengthens the Immune System, improves memory, helps in controlling Cholesterol and manages sugar and blood pressure level, which are directly related to the well-being of one’s heart. Other than improving the digestion and dissipating food-induced allergic reactions, A2 milk also has anti-cancer elements.

Golden Cow is primarily offering variations of this same A2 milk. It introduced Surat to the concept of ‘Farm to Fork’, that provided the consumers with the option to consume pure, hygienic and nutritious milk in its organic form, delivered to them right from the farms. It is ISO 22000 certified and one of the premium milk brand in Surat, for more than 4 years. Golden Cow offers an array of fresh products including Farm Fresh Premium Cow Milk, Golden Cow Girej (A2) Pasteurised Pure Desi Cow Milk, Golden Cow Full Cream (Buffalo Milk)  and Satva (A2) which is homogenized and pasteurized pure desi Cow milk. Their assortments also include Premium Cow Ghee made from pure cow milk through traditional Bilona process and Satva Ghee made from Pure Desi Cow Milk through the Ancient Process of Bilona which stems from Ayurveda.

The Power Team:

Ramdatt & Sushit’s initiative soon gained momentum when like-minded and committed experts from distinctly different backgrounds stepped in for making Golden Cow what it is today. Their remarkable team now includes Dr.Dastidar (Radiologist), Chetak Gandhi (Automobile), Sagar Shah (Architect, Studio 4), Divyesh Shah (Mango Trips & Sat Infra), Sanjay & Ashu Bhalla (Diamond industry) and Nikhil Jhaveri (Jhaveri Steels). The variegate of expertise that they bring in is enabling Golden Cow to deliver natural, healthy A2 milk, directly from the farms to the homes of people.

The Chapter to Come:

The biggest challenge that Golden Cow faced was to propagate and maintain a wave of consumer awareness in the society. Their challenge was to ensure and safeguard the health of each family through the health awareness drive in the community. And to empower families with knowledge so that they can make the right choice between pure and adulterated milk and can save themselves from possible health hazards. But challenges brings the best out of anyone and so happened with Golden Cow. Today they aspire to become a global Indian brand with world-class products and exceptional customer services. They endeavor to expand their product range and impact the lives of more and more people by continuous product innovations and unmatched customer services.

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