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Haathmade_Happiness | Listen to Aakruti Dalmia’s feel-good Soapy Tales

Haathmade_Happiness | Listen to Aakruti Dalmia’s feel-good Soapy Tales August 21, 20182 Comments
Aakruti Dalmia

Another brand we bring to you is Soapy Tales. A brand that will entice you with its feel-good vibes and lather you with handcrafted skincare products.

What is Soapy Tales?

Being one of the first ventures in Surat to dwell in natural, handmade skincare products, Soapy Tales have come far within a small span of two years. The accidental brainchild of CA Aakruti Dalmia, Soapy Tales started with the simple idea that there’s no better gift than special, handmade items. Today, apart from the collections of handcrafted soaps, lip balms, bath salts, body butter, serums and scrubs, Soapy Tales credits its popularity to the individual customization it provides for its hampers.

What’s the Inside Story?

It is the dark times when the light of life shines the brightest. The story of Soapy Tales’ inception aptly resonates with this saying. Aakruti was going through some major downs of her life when she got something to hold on to and survived. She used to spend the major chunk of her day browsing the internet. One day, she came across an article that dealt with natural skin care and she realized how much she needed to know about it. Her emotional health was taking a toll on her skin and she saw this as an opportunity to rejuvenate it and indulge herself and invest all her time. She soon learned that soaps could be made in the home with your very hands and there’s a professional workshop happening in Delhi that will teach her exactly that. Excited and completely out of her zone, Aakruti joined a 15-day course that not only taught her to make soaps but also to experiment & develop her own recipes and products. It was a professionally certified course, for which she traveled out of her shell and completely immersed herself in learning the art. When she returned with the knowledge and firsthand experience, she started making them for family & friends for occasional gifts. Most of them who used her handcrafted items wanted more and asked if they could order. This unexpected response at first overwhelmed her and she considered commercializing her newfound passion. Soon her mother joined in and before she knew it, Soapy Tales was exhibiting at almost every exhibition happening in Surat.

What are its Showstopper Products?

Each product of her range are completely handmade; be it soaps, lip balms, bath salts, masks or body salts. With the exclusive use of quality ingredients, most of the products have a shelf life of a year. However, the showstopper is the wide range of special hampers that it offers with the options of customization. Hampers can be made according to color, budget, occasion as well as the person. The level of tailor-made trimming goes as deep as to getting names & wishes engraved on the products.

What’s Next?

After exhibiting for around 12-15 times in the last two years, she now plans to take it a step ahead and go PAN India. With Mumbai & Ahmedabad already in her list, Aakruti might soon take soapy tales to places and expand as a brand. She also aspires to conduct workshops with thorough courses on soap making that will enable an attendee to not just make soaps but also develop their very own recipes. Aakruti believes that Surat as a city accepts and gives chance to its locally grown businesses just as much as it would to an international brand. Despite a number of branded malls & supermarkets sprouting around the city, the local market is alive and thriving at its own pace. And that must have worked for Soapy Tales to become what it is today.  


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