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Haathmade_Happiness | Oogle at Decor Products by Mitanshi & Pallavi

Haathmade_Happiness | Oogle at Decor Products by Mitanshi & Pallavi September 8, 20181 Comment

Another fresh brand we bring to you is Oogle, a small company of artists who are changing the way we perceive interior decor.

What is Oogle?

Oogle is a fresh venture by Interior Designer duo, Mitanshi Gupta & Pallavi Rathi, that offers an interesting range of handmade planters and other home decor items. Each of their products is handcrafted one-off pieces and hence vary from one another, which in turn makes them unique. The brand name Oogle literally means something that is so good to look at that people tend to keep looking at it. Aptly going with the name, each of their product is distinct and striking and commands a certain kind of attention. To go with the concept, even their logo is designed in such a way that it portrays ogling.

What’s the Inside Story?

Mitanshi and Pallavi are both 22-years-old Interior Designers, who have freshly graduated from the School of Interior Design, Surat. While working full-time with different firms, they realized their passion to create something which was more inclined towards artistic expression. And that’s when they decided to come up with something that they can handle as a part-time venture and let the artists within them explore. The ladies first invested their time in material explorations and understanding the market needs. Their research educated them that providing customized planters is a business venture that hadn’t been explored much by any brand yet in Surat. Added to it, this will be their way to contribute towards the environment.

How are their showstopper products made?

The foremost step they take is to decide the texture; whether they want the product to be made up of cement, sand, aggregate or water. Then they zero in on a color shade to follow and prepare the mixture. The mixer is then put in the mold and left to dry for 2-3 days. In the meanwhile, they do curing to stabilize the planter and paint it. Leveling the sand in the planter is an ongoing process with this. It takes around a week’s time to finish the complete planter.

What’s Next?

They plan to approach the architects in the city as Oogle can provide them customized planters for their interior space. They are also looking forward to taking part in more exhibitions, in and around Surat, so that Oogle’s range of thoughtful and artistic products can be visible to more people. They want to propagate the idea of using eco-friendly products in the society. Currently, Oogle takes orders online through Facebook and Instagram but might come up with a website soon.

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