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Meet the Duo who Introduced Surat to its First-Ever Food Truck | Mohit Sethia and Murli Rungta

Meet the Duo who Introduced Surat to its First-Ever Food Truck | Mohit Sethia and Murli Rungta January 15, 2018Leave a comment
Mohit Murli

When you possess an art of seeing what is invisible to the others, that is where you start breaking down the conventional. Starting from a simple food truck to having 11 different outlets across Western India, Mexican Rodeo is a brand that pioneers in making the tummies happy. Here’s the remarkable journey of its co-founders, Mohit Sethia and Murli Rungta, two school-friends turned business partners, who molded the way street food was being served and perceived in the city.

The Beginning:

Being school friends and real foodies at heart, the only thing Mohit and Murli liked more than talking about food was EATING. And maybe this explains their frenzy of finding new food places and trying different cuisines. From high-school in Surat to varied lanes they chose after college, the one thing that they did time and again, was eating out together. When fate again made them meet in Delhi, they realized their mutual passion of relishing street food. Back in hometown, they knew Surat is ever ready for food and they should bring a fresh place to eat, out on the streets, but they didn’t want to go about it in a conventional way. Laying the foundation with a single food truck, their venture, Mexican Rodeo marked the onset of the modernist concept of “food on wheels” in the Surat. With a simple truck, diligent efforts and a persisting desire, Mohit and Murli brought something unique to offer to the street food culture. They hit the right mark by identifying the Surtis’ fixation of tangy flavors and street food. The advent of Mexican food was quite warmly welcomed due to its much alike taste to Indian cuisines. With an abundance of Mexican delicacies that could quench one’s hunger, Mexican Rodeo offers a variety of dishes that leave a long lingering taste. The duo feels that their quality ingredients and processing, are their heroes.

Sizzled, Crackled, Fried:

Stepping into the most sought-after trade in the city has been really challenging, says Mohit and Murli. But nothing can beat you if you have confidence in yourself and you are filled with enthusiasm. With a sudden wave of excitement, a number of food places are sprouting up around the city, they have to always keep themselves on their toes. Bringing in new food concepts and experimenting with different tastes is a must in order to satisfy the customers. Patience and determination is the key to achieving success in any line of work, says the duo. They say, earning money is not the sole motive but the satisfactory smiles of the consumers is a driving force for them to keep doing better. Mohit and Murli firmly believe that one should never be afraid to make mistakes and to learn from them. To ensure that whatever goes on the plate, is fresh, tasty and best in quality, they went ahead with starting their own supply chain. After a fair share of ups and downs, Mexican Rodeo is today, one of the most successful food ventures in the city. From serving the most scrumptious food on wheels and QSRs to an elaborate café in Vesu, Mexican Rodeo has come a long way.

New Platters to Come:

Currently, Mexican Rodeo has four different outlets serving the most delicious food in Surat, itself and seven more spread across different cities in western India. Most of them are fashioned in a bistro style eateries or food trucks with the most happening setting in the town. The stirring backdrop is tuned especially for singles, committed and the hungry. The duo plans to expand their business, and launch a series of QSRs across India, through franchises. Without any background in the food business, the duo has put intense efforts to make their venture, the kind of known brand that it has become today. Edmund Hillary ones said that ‘People do not decide to become extraordinary, they decide to accomplish extraordinary things’, and Mohit and Murli are a standing evidence to the same.  

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