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Meet the Power Couple who are Freezing Memories with Candid Photography | Puja & Rahul Kedia

Meet the Power Couple who are Freezing Memories with Candid Photography | Puja & Rahul Kedia January 14, 2018Leave a comment
Puja & Rahul Kedia

Picture perfect world doesn’t exist, but a few master photographers bring them into existence. Meet the expert team of Puja and Rahul Kedia, who skillfully freeze time and weave magic into every pixel of the frame that they capture. The co-founders of Ministry Of Memories (MoM), Puja and Rahul are real-life partners, who have brought a fresh wave of change in how weddings are photographed. They believe that pictures live a life of thousand years and thus, should be timeless. Discover their journey of chasing light to developing the negatives:

The Beginning:

Following the vision that others can’t see, is always unnerving, and so it was for Puja. As a shy, high school graduate, when she approached her parents with the idea of learning photography, her interest in such an unconventional subject was dismissed altogether. After pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration, Puja jumped jobs in the finance industry, shuffling from Mumbai to Surat, every couple of months, never seeming to be completely satisfied with what she was doing. In the meanwhile, she saved up her salary and bought a camera for herself. This time, when she went to tell her mother that she wanted to pursue photography, she was finally understood. Her mother handed her the money to attend Light And Life Academy in Ooty. All this while, her constant support in every decision was Rahul, her then friend, who stood beside her like a pillar and went to see her off to Ooty, where she finally obtained a Diploma in Photography. He backed her even when she hopped onto a train to Goa and assist the photographer in less than a day’s notice. This was also a break for Puja, where she experienced being behind the camera for a wedding photography for the first time, which eventually changed the course of her professional practice. That was her first wedding shoot and today, they have so many of them to their accord that they’ve even lost the count!

In the Spotlight:

Anybody who has seen MoM’s work, be it a wedding or products shoots, will agree without a moment’s hesitation that their pictures speak a thousand words, and Puja, not even ten. As an introvert, she, lets her camera do the talking. So much so that early on in her practice, she never wanted to make portraits and focused only on architecture and food photography. “At least my buildings and food and products don’t need to be talked to!” she goes. But with years of experience in capturing weddings, she has not only acquired the patience to communicate with the clients but have made a lot of friends out of them in the process.

This is exactly where Rahul steps in to balance the scales, as the Creative Entrepreneur, Photographer as well as the Director of MoM. The backbone of this firm and Puja’s herself, Rahul is the man behind the scene, who takes care of all the hiccups, before anyone even notices them and keeps everything running flawlessly. Rahul and Puja complement each other so very well, it’s almost too difficult to avoid using cliches while describing them as a team. Puja herself says that their relationship is as coherent as that of the cameraman and the light.

Meandering the Gypsy Soul:

Their photography profession feeds their other great passion, which is to travel. With every new project, they are on the outlook for new and different places to explore. They even admit to taking up slightly less paid projects at times if they get the chance to tread new and unknown lands. Most of us can only imagine their personal Instagram feed to be the envy of everyone. But here’s a little surprise, Puja has religiously decided to never take her camera along on a holiday, lest she get into the work frenzy and complain about the ten different equipment she forgot to bring.

The Right Shot:

While we’re on the subject of ‘teams’, let’s also tell you of the little tug of war Rahul & Puja had to both go through with themselves as MoM grew bigger and bigger. With the mountains of projects that were coming their way and the ambitious vision that they had for the firm, Rahul was the first to realize that they will need a bigger team to operate. He comprehended that a solid team would let Puja do what she does the best, without getting overwhelmed by jobs that can be handled by other people. And though, initially, Puja kept taking on every task herself, despite having a fresh team to take care of them, after a couple of shoots she found a way to come to terms with it. She eventually learnt the art of letting go, like all good artists one day do. Being a woman in this line of work came with its own challenges but Puja faced them all head on. From then to now, what has remained constant is the unwavering support and constant encouragement that she’s gotten from her mother and Rahul.

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