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Sieze this Free Consultancy on Renovating Small Spaces within Dream Budget

Brings a free consultancy on redesigning your space & making it brand new.

Sieze this Free Consultancy on Renovating Small Spaces within Dream Budget June 11, 2018Leave a comment
Remake Spaces

How long have you yearned for a well-decorated house, but hung back in approaching an interior designer? Is that house still a dream because you are tied on a budget? But now is the time to get over your dilemma and get that well-furnished, high-end house without spending a fortune on it. Remake Spaces brings to you an opportunity to get any space in your house renovated on your budget and make it the space of your delight.

We Make Spaces is launching their new venture ‘Remake Spaces’ and giving you a chance to get free consultancy on how to re-decorate a specific part of your space. To invite them for a free consultation of your space, simply register yourself. From 15th June 2018 to 20th June 2018, they will begin their tour and talks by visiting certain areas and offering some creative ideas to redesign the subjects. Whether it is a home, office, boutique or a small shop, the team of ReMake Spaces will present some amazing revamping ideas to turn around space completely. This is your chance to get your hands on the best interior designing ideas that will also fit your budget!

The co-founders of ReMake Spaces, Arch. Umang Mittal & Arch. Hiral Patel believe that every house has a story to tell. It is the compilation of little elements that sum up what you love and reflect who you are. If there is a part of your house or workspace that needs refurbishing, Remake Spaces comes to the rescue. Being a multi-disciplinary design firm that accentuates the thought of renovating just a specified space like a brand new one, fitting ideas come naturally to them. These are the times when we are all struggling with the lack of space-management skills and the know-how to make the ageing space cope with changing needs. And renovating just a corner of any space can perk up the liveliness of your house or work-space giving it an endearing look that it has lost with time. With the blend of urbane and sophisticated designs, ReMake Spaces will give your space a complete makeover and present you with spaces that inspire a colourful way of life. So, modify your space and give it a brand new look, without burning a hole in your pocket and make it the abode of your dreams.

Remake Spaces

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