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They Chose Art_03 | Through the Lens of Hawra Hajoori

They Chose Art_03 | Through the Lens of Hawra Hajoori September 26, 2018Leave a comment
Hawra Hajoori

Let us introduce you to another dreamer of our chronicles – Photographer Hawra Hajoori.

Photography is the only language that could be understood anywhere in the world and Hawra Hajoori is quite fluent in it. From carrying a camera everywhere during the school days to becoming a professional food & fashion photographer, Hawra has come a long way. Let’s discover her picturesque journey:

Chasing the Light:

For a twenty-something girl who belongs to a city that breathes business, making her distinct presence and vision felt across time and horizon, is quite a commendable flight. It all started when the sixteen-year-old Hawra got fixated on her mother’s newly bought camera. She fondly remembers how the moments of her life frozen in the pictures, always enchanted her as a child. Looking at her own pictures induced her fascination towards the idea of how one can capture moments, and the first photographer she encountered became her biggest inspiration – her very own mother. It was her mother who originally loved to click pictures and had a box full of them hoarded at home as if treasuring Hawra’s life events in frames. This stemmed a deep calling in Hawra herself to keep chasing the lights and seizing the beauty around her on reels.

The Perfect Shot:

Soon during the end of her school days, Hawra joined Dhrashtikon, a photography club and explored deeper roots in photography. Around the same year, her friend suggested her to join a newly opened institute, called the Symbiosis School of Photography that provided a Bachelor’s degree in Photography in the span of three years. Quite sure that pursuing such an unconventional field of study wouldn’t be accepted by her family, Hawra just informed her mother about it. But fortuitously, her mom encouraged her to give her passion a chance and even convinced everyone else to put their faith in Hawra’s talent. Today, being a graduate in Photography, Hawra serves clients hailing from Dubai and the likes. From then to now, what has remained constant is the unwavering support and constant encouragement that she has been getting from her mother; it’s like she living her mother’s dreams.

Developing the Negatives:

In the span of five years, a lot of people have suggested Hawra to focus on fashion photography solely as its scope in the industry better and it is lucrative as well. But Hawra persistently followed her heart and pursued food photography. One of the major stepping stones for Hawra was a job at a leading publication house in the year 2016 at Dubai, where within a span of one month she experienced a completely different world of photography and media. She again seized the opportunity in 2017, challenged her boundaries and immersed herself in capturing details of her surroundings as an in-house photographer for a Kuwait based Hospitality company and acquired a once-in-a-lifetime exposure. Hawra’s work has been covered in leading publications in India & Dubai, both. Today she rejoices in setting the frames for renowned brands like the Chocomelt from Kuwait, INDIGO Colaba from Mumbai and Uber Eats India. She has also given a refreshing face to Pooja Sethi Pret & Couture, 24 Carats Confectionary, Khadi Cult, Zwaan, Paeony, Richie Rich, Wok on Fire, Ks Charcoal, SLURRP and Urban Suburban, to name a few.

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