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They Chose Art_02 | Let Pooja Mehta’s Delectable Pictures Speak

They Chose Art_02 | Let Pooja Mehta’s Delectable Pictures Speak September 21, 20183 Comments

Another solitaire that we came upon during our quest for the visionaries is Pooja Mehta. Being a freelance visual artist who practices food styling & food photography, and conducts art and craft workshops for all kind of age groups, Pooja is indeed whipping up something incredible through her venture called the Moulding Dough.

The Beginning:

Pooja is a spirited girl who is always hungry for food and opportunities. A Bachelor’s Degree holder in Fine Arts with specialization in Sculpture from Veer Narmad South Gujarat University, Pooja always had a knack to explore the world of arts. She started the Moulding Dough in March of 2018, after leaving her job as creative head of Enrich by Desserts & More and decided to pursue her dream of starting something of her own.

She believes in taking risks since it makes one realize more about their capabilities and hence decided to take up something in the field of food and arts. Soon an idea started taking shape and she took part in an exhibition in Mumbai to display and conduct a workshop; it was the first step towards the introduction of Moulding Dough in her life. And it worked, of course, though she didn’t expect an overnight success. She gained a lot of confidence from that and started assigning projects to herself to get better at what she was doing.

The Current Chapter:

Pooja does freelancing as a visual artist who practices food styling & food photography in Surat and Mumbai for a better understanding of the market. Her father is a businessman and her mother is a housewife, who recently turned into an entrepreneur. She started running her pickle business from home and has been an inspiration for Pooja throughout her life. Her family, friends and faculty have been a great pillar of support for her. Especially, her mother, who motivates her even during her dull days. She tries her new recipes and Pooja style them and shoot pictures. They turn Pooja’s room into a live studio space and then upload pictures on the social media. Pooja says that she still struggles in the area of marketing for Moulding Dough, because in the world of social media, influential people, bloggers, etc., it’s difficult for a juvenile to put the first step but not impossible.

The Next Chapter:

The future goals are not concrete yet, but Pooja indeed wants Moulding Dough to be a well-known company with a team of intellectuals, who are capable of coming up with the great ideas and unique projects in the combination of food and art not only in Surat but around the world. She dreams to start a television channel with the concept of travel, art and food. She believes that she and Moulding Dough have still miles to go before they can sleep.


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